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Physical Therapy

Direct Access

What is Direct Access?

Direct access to physical therapy means patients can be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist without needing a Doctor, practitioner or other healthcare provider's referral. In other words, direct access lets you visit a physical therapist when you feel you need to see one.



Who is eligible to be seen via Direct Access?

Massachusetts is one of 20 states that allow patients total, unrestricted access to a physical therapist. No type of physician referral is required for a physical therapist to treat a patient. So, if you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, you don't have to wait to see a physical therapist.



What is the benefit of Direct Access?

Giving you much quicker access to treatment you need and deserve.

Physical therapy by way of direct access possibly reducing healthcare costs and promoting high-quality health care.

Seeing a physical therapist first, in many cases, will result in fewer overall treatment sessions.


Does insurance cover my Physical Therapy through Direct Access?

Over 90% of insurance companies reimburse for direct access treatment. But some insurance may require a physician referral. Medicare typically does. If you are unsure if your insurance covers direct access, please give us a call.

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