Sports & Wellness Physical Therapy is the preferred choice for those who seek state-of-the-art physical therapy, sports medicine, rehabilitation, and personalized care.  


Our team comprises of talented, devoted therapists who use a hands-on approach to help patients with a variety of orthopedic, neurological and soft-tissue disorders.  By offering an array of programs for therapy, rehabilitation and evaluation, we are able to help patients and clients efficiently DECREASE PAIN, regain strength, increase mobility, and improve quality of life.​


Aquatic Therapy

Exercises performed in water for rehabilitation. Water makes aquatic therapy much different from land therapy as individuals can use water for resistance in place of gravity or weights.

Physical Therapy Session

Blood Flow Restriction

Helps reduce stress on the recovering limb while strengthening weak and injured muscles.

Cupping Therapy_edited.jpg


Uses suction to improve circulation which allows blood and other fluids to flow to parts of the body that need healing.


Custom Orthotics

It can help by put the foot & ankle in better alignment, disperse stress during walking or running., cushion& support hypomobile (stiff or rigid) segments of the foot, stabilize areas of the foot that might be hypermobile (have too much mobility), and redistribute forces on the foot & ankle to alleviate pain.

Ballet Class

Dance Therapy

Rehabilitating injuries that manifest as a result of overuse and/or inefficient dance technique, as well as, traumatic injuries that happen as a result of a one-time incidence.

Dry Needling.png

Dry Needling

A technique used  to treat muscle pain, nerve pain and  movement impairments. 


Electrical Stimulation

A treatment to help decrease pain and swelling following a recent injury or surgery. It also can also be used to promote tissue healing and nerve/muscle function.



Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization uses specialized ergonomic tools to gently massage the skin and treat painful and tight areas in the body to help decrease pain, reduce inflammation, improve mobility, ensure your body functions properly, and speed up your recovery time.



A form of electrical stimulation that is used to deliver anit-inflammatory medication through the skin to inflamed or irritated tissue.

Child Physiotherapy


Putting strips of tape on your body in specific directions, which helps improve the interaction between the skin and underlying structures in the body, can help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, treat injuries, support weak areas, manage scars, retrain muscles how to function, and enhance your physical performance.



Uses painless light that is passed through the skin at a specific wavelength to help improve the healing process of injured tissues. 



Vaso (blood vessels) pneumatic (air pressure) compression is a treatment technique used to improve the swelling in the lower leg.

Physical Therapy_edited.jpg

Posture Training

Assess your posture and make changes to correct for improper alignment that can place excessive load on muscles and joints to help relive your pain and prevent further or future injuries due to poor posture.



A mechanical pull using a machine or performed manually by a PT to decrease neck and back pain and increase the spine’s mobility by separating the joints and disc spaces.

Physical Therapy


A deep heating treatment used to for many musculoskeletal conditions especially sprains, strains and tendonitis.



Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is used to help with vertigo. VRT may help people with vertigo resulting from BPPV, head injuries, central nervous system lesions, and undefined causes.