Do you suffer from chronic foot pain?

[🌟] How do you know if you might need orthotics?
You have chronic foot pain
You have sharp heel pain that doesn’t go away with traditional treatment methods
You have a flat foot or low arch in conjunction with pain
You have balance issues that don’t improve with balance training
You have an uneven wear pattern of your shoes

[🌟] What are orthotics and how do they benefit?
Orthotics are inserts for your shoes that help control abnormal movement and alignment of the foot. Not only do they address foot pain and ankle pain, they can also address knee, hip and back pain that can be caused by excessively low or high arch height.

[🌟] Why choose custom orthotics?
Custom orthotics use a higher quality of materials and place your foot in a neutral (normal) foot alignment. They are not "one size fits all." They are typically constructed of a rigid composite and can be varied for moderate to maximum control based on your needs. They are specific for your foot structure and activity level.

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